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Vehicle Camera & Tracking Benefits for Insurance Companies

As an insurance provider your main goals are to provide the very best cover, at the lowest price to your customer, while minimising the risk as much as possible. ProVision Vehicle Camera & Tracking solutions help you meet these goals perfectly!

All you need to do is request that your customers install a ProVision system and you’ll see the following benefits:

Install Up To 9 Cameras For Full 360 Degree Recording

When an incident occurs, you want to be able to make a clear decision of fault and either pay the claim or defend it as efficiently and quickly as possible. High-quality, multi-angle video achieves this goal and is highly affordable for your clients.

Minimise insurance risk with 360 degree recording and GPS tracking from ProVision

Download Video Of Incidents Remotely

With other systems you need to wait until the driver informs you that an accident has occurred, often quite some time after the fact, once they have calmed down. You must then wait until the vehicle returns to base before you can get the video footage. If the vehicle does not or cannot return to base, you must then find some other way to get access to the unit and download the video. This increases the risk of the footage never being retrieved.

But, with Provision’s solutions, full-quality video can be downloaded remotely, within minutes of the incident having occurred!

Identify Vehicle Locations With Ease

If an incident occurs, you’ll want to know the precise location of the vehicle. It can mean the difference between settling the claim and a no-fault decision. So at ProVision, our systems include the highest quality GPS technology that you can rely on.

Protect From Theft

The ProVision system includes remote tracking capabilities combined with alerts as standard. This means that the fleet manager can set times of the day that the vehicles must be stationary or geographic areas that it must not exit. Should the vehicle move during that time, or exit the allowed area, he/she will receive an alert.

This provides protection against theft or even misuse of the vehicles, that can increase insurance risk.

Added Value To Your Customers

Specifying that your customers install a ProVision system in their fleet delivers more than just insurance benefits. It also provides a sophisticated vehicle tracking solution, allowing fleet managers to track and plan vehicle movements based on a map, satellite or even street view.
These are just some of the benefits of the ProVision Vehicle Cameras and Tracking solutions for Insurance Companies. Now use the tabs below to talk to one of our cameramatics specialists, or you can also visit our FAQ page for more infomation.

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