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Vehicle Camera & Tracking Benefits for Hire and Lease Managers

As a hire/lease fleet manager, you are ultimately responsible for the vehicles on your books. You need to ensure they are not being abused and that you know about any serious incidents as soon as possible. Provision’s vehicle camera systems help you meet all your needs in a cutting-edge yet simple solution.

At ProVision, we also understand privacy concerns, and so we only expose you to the relevant data you need to manage your fleet without exposing any personal location or driving information.

So, install a ProVision system and you’ll see the following benefits:


Receive Alerts Based On Your Requirements

Do you want to know the moment a possible issue occurs? Whether it be a high level of braking, speeding, alarm being triggered, a problem flagged by the onboard diagnostics or even the vehicle leaving an agreed geographical area, ProVision can capture this data and send you an alert to allow you to take action, including calling the car in for maintenance or discussing driving behaviour with the current driver.

Protect and track your Hire & Lease Fleet

Download Video Of Incidents Remotely

With other systems you need to wait until the driver informs you that an accident has occurred, often quite some time after the fact, once they have calmed down. You must then wait until the vehicle returns to base before you can get the video footage. If the vehicle does not or cannot return to base, you must then find some other way to get access to the unit and download the video.

With Provision’s solutions, within moments of receiving an incident alert, you can be watching a replay of what occurred. Should you need to, you can then download the segment of video. All before the driver has gathered their thoughts to call you!

Identify Vehicle Locations With Ease

If an incident occurs, you’ll want to know the exact location of the vehicle. Whether for assistance, recovery, theft or insurance purposes, very precise coordinates are critical. So at ProVision, our systems include the highest quality GPS technology that you can rely on.

Added Value To Your Customers

With a full vehicle camera system on-board, the driver enjoys an additional level of protection with access to video data that they can use to counter any claims. They can also set personal alerts that will inform them should the vehicle move outside of specific hours or leaves a
geographic area, etc.
These are just some of the benefits of the ProVision Vehicle Cameras and Tracking solutions for Hire & Lease Fleet Managers. Now use the tabs below to talk to one of our cameramatics specialists, or you can also visit our FAQ page or use our Product Selector.

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