Why Buy Connected Vehicle Camera Systems
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Why Buy Connected Vehicle Camera Systems

Connected Truck - IoT Remote Connectivity

The Benefits Of Remotely-Accessible Camera Systems For Fleet Managers And Owners

Installing a vehicle camera system in your vehicles is one of the best investments you can make to protect your fleet. But buying the wrong type of system can be a costly mistake in many ways. One of the main things you need to consider when choosing any kind of CCTV system for your vehicles is whether it is accessible remotely, while your vehicles are away from base. Enabling this typically requires the enabling of a data subscription per vehicle through a 3G/4G sim and related management software, as provided by the CameraMatics system supplier.

AlertsSome fleet managers understand the many benefits of subscribing to a connected plan, but others still feel it is an unnecessary extra. In a small number of cases that may well be the case, but for the majority of fleet-based companies, a connected plan is a must-have that provides an extra layer of protection and flexibility.

Let’s examine some of the main benefits:


Receive Important Driving Alerts

Should an incident occur, you want to be informed of it immediately. A connected plan provides instant alerts that allow you to confirm and then take action as required. So within a minute you can put into action your accident and emergency plan that could make the difference between winning or losing a claim.


Download Video Remotely

Let’s imagine that you have a non-connected vehicle camera system in your vehicles and one of them is involved in an accident. Your driver swears the other party caused it, so you need to get hold of the footage. The only problem is that the vehicle is badly damaged and has been Remote Download Of Videotowed away, making it very difficult for you to get the all-important footage. This is not a made-up scenario. New customers tell us that this is one of the major reasons for them choosing our systems.

With a connected system (which keeps running for hours after the ignition system is turned off) you can remotely access the device, locate the video you need by searching through the recent events and then downloading what you need.


View Video Remotely

One of your vehicles has not arrived at the destination or back at base when it was expected. Without a connected plan, all you can do is call the driver to get more info. With a connected plan, you can log on and see where the vehicle is and better still you can view each of the camera feeds to see what is happening.

Vehicle Remote MonitoringMonitor The Vehicle Camera System

Having a vehicle CCTV system is like having a backup system. It only pays for itself when you need to do a restore, or in the recording system’s case, download the footage. So that’s definitely not the time to discover that a fault developed months before and nothing has recorded since then!

Having a connected system allows you to see a list of all devices on all vehicles with a visual status next to each. You can then easily see if there is an issue with the recording media or any of the cameras on each vehicle. This allows you to take corrective action immediately, ensuring every vehicle is always recording.


Track Your Vehicles

Advanced AnalysisTracking your vehicles is not just about logistical efficiency. Knowing the precise location of your vehicles can also help if a breakdown or incident occurs. It also improves security, allowing you to geo-fence areas that your vehicles should not move out of at certain times and receive an alert if any do.


Advanced Analysis

Which drivers generate the most alerts? Who is improving or declining in terms of safe driving? Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to build your own risk profiles and create customised alerts around that? This is only possible with a connected subscription. But with it you can further improve your fleet safety and reduce risk.


Having read these top 6 reasons to subscribe to a connected plan, would you not agree that it would make a valuable addition to your fleet risk management program? If you’d like to find out more, contact us today or complete our online quote form.