ProVision’s Vehicle Camera Options

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Every vehicle fleet on the road has a particular need driving its choice of vehicle camera and fleet risk management system. In fact, many organisations have a mix of vehicles to manage, track and protect, so that need can be unique by vehicle type.

ProVision CameraMatics is the flexible solution to suit all vehicle types and uses. With quality, reliability and a powerful management platform in the cloud, you enjoy total risk management and peace of mind.

Camera Configuration Options For...

What Vehicles Do You Need To Protect?

From tractor units to rigids, company car fleets and coaches to emergency vehicles, your concern may be about minimising exposure to false accident claims, tracking compliance, improving driver and public safety, passenger area monitoring or ensuring load security.

Whatever your specific fleet risk management need, the great news is that ProVision's range of CameraMatics recording and tracking solutions can meet any need in any configuration. And if your needs change tomorrow, the systems can be easily upgraded, which means that your initial investment is never wasted with CameraMatics!

Camera Quality Matters:

Having video footage of an incident is pointless if the detail of the surroundings and parties involved can't be seen. This is why ensuring you have the highest quality HD video possible is key.

ProVision cameras provide HD quality video that you can rely on when you need it most and replay scenes and angles from your HGV cameras on demand.

A low quality view of the road provided by a standard dashcamA high quality view of the road provided by a ProVision vehicle camera detailing a roundabout, lights and verges
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Storage Options:

Some vehicles, such as HGVs, are often away from base for extended periods of time. Others, like buses and cabs, require significant historical footage. Either way, this requires many days and even weeks of video to be stored. The more cameras mounted on each vehicle, the larger the storage required for this data. The recommended storage configuration for most vehicles is therefore a 1TB or 2TB hard-disk based unit. For LCV/short-range fleets, we have 128GB SD card units, which are more than sufficient and provide up to 1 weeks’ worth of recorded history.

Integration with Vehicle Systems:

ProVision's video camera and GPS tracking system can integrate with the in-vehicle systems. This includes alarms, turn indicators, on-board diagnostics, door sensors and, where possible, other tracking or telematics systems already installed on the vehicle. This gives you more than just vehicle camera data, but provides a complete surround view of incidents and accidents when they occur

Remote Connectivity

By subscribing to a CameraMatics cloud plan you get access to key driving and vehicle data as well as remote live viewing of the camera feeds and download of historic video – even when the vehicle’s ignition is switched off!

Do you have any questions or need help? Talk to one of our CameraMatics specialists. You can also visit our FAQ page