Where Can I Place Cameras On My Box Van
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Where Can I Place Cameras On My Box Van

We are often asked by box van fleet operators where they can place cameras on their vehicles. The options are varied and 3 considerations should be accounted for: Recording of journey footage, driver safety and vehicle security.

Let’s have a look at these considerations:

Recording Journey Footage

The primary motive for getting vehicle cameras is to protect your fleet from fraudulent and no-fault claims in the event of an accident. To combat this, we would recommend a forward-facing camera (fitted just at the top of the windscreen) and also a rear camera. The rear camera is installed either low down by the bumper or high up on the box. If you also wish to monitor the rear of the van looking down, then a top camera is perfect.

You may also want to consider side-facing cameras. These are installed on the front quarter panel on the near-side or both near-side and off-side and records the view back along van.

Many fleet managers think that a ‘dashcam’ will be sufficient for a van, but this just isn’t the case. Have a read of these two articles and you’ll understand why:

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Driver Safety

Box van drivers typically drive in populated areas and can be subject to abuse, road rage and physical attacks. In this case, all the cameras around the vehicle will not help if the driver is attacked in the cab.

A dome camera can be installed inside the cab to record anything untoward that happens.

An extra benefit of this is in the event of an accident, the driver will have evidence to show that they were paying attention to the road and were not on the phone or distracted in some other way.

The very presence of in-cab cameras has been shown to have a marked reduction in incidences of accidents caused by distraction and mobile use.

Vehicle Security

Box vans tend to carry goods and/or tools, which makes them a prime target for thieves. Cameras around and in the vehicle act as both deterrents and for evidence gathering.

You should look at a system that has ‘Delayed Switch-Off’. This allows the system to continue recording even when the engine is turned off. ProVision’s systems can be configured to run for up to 24 hours without engine power. Combined with night vision and signage on the vehicle, you have a powerful deterrent.

Obviously if you want to deter then the more cameras the better. A rear camera placed high means that anyone approaching the vehicle from behind will be captured.

Evidence Gathering
If a thief does break into the vehicle, you’ll need to record what they get up to. Cameras can be placed in the cab and also in the load space. Dome cameras can be placed to cover the door areas, ensuring they get a front-on view of the thief.

Other considerations
ProVision DVR units have multiple data inputs that will trigger ‘events’. This can include alarm, doors opening, tailgate operating, reverse gear and indicators, among others. This allows you, the fleet manager to be immediately notified every time the van doors are opened, say outside of normal hours and in turn this creates an event recording for review.

So, whether you’re interested in risk management, safety, security or all of these, ProVision has the solution for your box van fleet. Give us a call to find out more.