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CameraMatics Solutions for Industrial & Construction Specialist Vehicles

For Specialised Vehicles

Specialised Vehicle Camera Configuration:

Specialised Vehicles designed for specific purposes require bespoke configurations to ensure complete camera coverage and tracking. Construction vehicles such as dumper trucks, diggers and cranes, warehousing forklifts and public service dust carts and cherry pickers can all be monitored and have cameras installed to meet their specific needs. Adding a forward facing camera in the cab gives a dashcam style view of the road ahead, which can be supported by side mounted cameras to view lanes and approaching traffic at roundabouts and junctions. A rear camera can also act as vehicle CCTV in case of break ins and give warning of tailgaters, cyclists and banksmen concealed by blind spots..

Quality Matters

When capturing an incident or experiencing an issue with a specialist vehicle it is crucial to record every detail of surroundings and parties involved. ProVision's high quality HD video enables every vehicle, pedestrian, member of site staff, road marking and registration plate to be recorded in a reliable format. Road users and hazards are recorded in all weathers and light levels with the build up, incident and post-incident procedure monitored throughout.

A low quality view of the road provided by a standard dashcamA high quality view of the road provided by a ProVision vehicle camera detailing a roundabout, lights and verges

Specialised Storage Configuration:

Typically, the purpose of installing cameras on these specialist vehicle types is for the capture and investigation of incidents and accidents during construction, service provision or maintenance. As such, historical data is not required beyond each working day. A dual SD-Card solution with a minimum of 128GB of storage is recommended to record multiple days footage on multiple specialist vehicle mounted cameras. The dual-card configuration not only increases storage capacity, but reduces memory-stress on each individual card.

Systems Integration:

The ProVision GPS tracking and HD video camera solution can integrate into the various systems of the vehicle. Whether basic features such as turn signals or advanced telematics and diagnostics, the system can provide a complete view of how the vehicle is functioning and performing at any point. This integration with on board specialist features ensures that this additional data is captured along with the video data to give a complete overview of an incident when it occurs.

Remote Connectivity with Specialist Vehicle Bases:

Specialist Vehicle activity can be supported with a video streaming plan, which allows a fleet manager to view live video and download recorded video remotely over a 3G or 4G mobile data connection. Knowing where vehicles have been deployed or pinpointing vehicle location in the event of an accident is also possible by subscribing to a tracking plan which makes use of the Cameramatics GPS tracking for specialist vehicles.

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