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CameraMatics Solutions for Light Commercial Vehicles

For LCVs

LCV Camera Setup:

Light Commercial Vehicles require just 4 cameras to achieve a full 360-degree view of the road ahead, behind and to each side. Installing a forward facing camera in the cab to act as a dashcam, two side cameras mounted at the cab seating level and a rear camera to monitor the road and act as van CCTV for any break ins, ProVision Cameramatics can cover all angles.

In some cases, In-cab cameras are selected to cover the driver’s position and the cab itself for extra peace of mind when carrying precious or valuable cargo. Additional tracking cameras can be fitted into the box body where visibility and protection of the load is required.

Professional Quality Footage for Professional Vehicles:

When an incident occurs it is vital that the detail of your van's whereabouts and the parties involved before, during and in the aftermath can be seen clearly. Ensuring incident footage is captured in the highest quality high definition video can be key to making claims, identifying who was at fault and avoiding any unfounded accusations against your commercial vehicle fleet.

Provision cameras provide reliable and trustworthy footage from every angle, capturing road markings and signage clearly, indicators used (or neglected), registration plates (if vehicles flee the scene) and any attempted break ins.

A low quality view of the road provided by a standard dashcamA high quality view of the road provided by a ProVision vehicle camera detailing a roundabout, lights and verges

Commercial Vehicle Camera Storage:

LCVs are typically used for shorter journeys and return to base on a daily basis. As such video storage requirements from your van CCTV and delivery routes are smaller and historic data is less important.

The typical storage configuration is therefore a dual SD-Card solution with a minimum of 128GB of storage. The dual-card configuration not only increases storage capacity, but reduces memory-stress on each individual card.

LCV Systems Integration:

The ProVision solution can integrate into the various systems of the light commercial vehicle. This includes van alarms, indicators, on-board diagnostics, door sensors and, where possible, other GPS tracking or black box telematics systems already installed on your van or light truck. This gives you more than just vehicle camera data, but provides a complete view of incidents and accidents when they occur.

Remote Connectivity and Monitoring:

Individual van owners and commercial vehicle fleet managers can subscribe to either a tracking plan, a live video plan or both. This allows operators and managers to view vehicle positions, receive alerts about incidents or issues and to immediately login and view a live video feed for the light commercial vehicle in question.

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