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CameraMatics Solutions for Heavy Goods Vehicles

For HGVs

HGV Camera Mounting and Configuration:

Both articulated HGVs and rigid trucks can be protected with a range of cameras to give a surround view of the goods vehicle cab and payload. The typical configuration of HGV cameras includes a forward camera and two side cameras. Rigid trucks can also have a rear camera fitted for additional coverage.

In some cases, In-cab cameras are selected to cover the driver’s position and the cab itself. Additional cameras can be fitted into the lorry's box body where visibility and protection of the load is required.

Want To Protect Your Fleet?

Camera Quality Matters:

Having video footage of an incident is pointless if the detail of the surroundings and parties involved can't be seen. This is why ensuring you have the highest quality HD video possible is key. If an incident occurs during haulage activity, channel crossings or deliveries it is possible to capture road markings clearly, indicators (or lack of), registration plates (if they leave the scene). Covering blind spots and capturing deliberate collisions with your lorry fleet is key to avoid lengthy and costly claims against your business.

ProVision cameras provide HD quality video that you can rely on when you need it most and replay scenes and angles from your HGV cameras on demand.

A low quality view of the road provided by a standard dashcamA high quality view of the road provided by a ProVision vehicle camera detailing a roundabout, lights and verges

Storage Options for HGV Cameras:

By their nature, HGVs and Rigid Trucks are often away from base for extended periods of time. This requires many days and even weeks of video to be stored. The more cameras mounted on each vehicle, the larger the storage required for this data. The recommended storage configuration is therefore a 1TB or 2TB hard-disk based unit.

Integration with HGV Fleet Management Systems:

ProVision's video camera and GPS tracking system can integrate with your current safety and monitoring solutions already present in your fleet of lorries and trucks. This includes HGV break in alarms, turn indicators, on-board diagnostics, door sensors and, where possible, other tracking or telematics systems already installed on the vehicle. This gives you more than just vehicle camera data, but provides a complete surround view of incidents and accidents when they occur.

Remote Connectivity with your HGV Fleet:

HGV fleet managers and logistics hubs can subscribe to a mobile data and GPS tracking plan and make use of a live video plan for each HGV. This enables each stakeholder to view vehicle progress, receive incident alerts, issue data and can be accessed through an immediate login to view a live video feed whenever necessary. This system works around the clock and around the world for full visibility during global delivery routes, night haulage operations and any accidents or breakdowns which require assistance or troubleshooting.

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