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CameraMatics Solutions for Small Vans & Cars

For Small Vans & Cars

Car Camera Installation:

Small Vans (Car Derived Vans) and courtesy, rental or lease fleet cars can achieve adequate protection by fitting 2 cameras, front and rear. However, most installations typically use a single forward facing car CCTV camera to monitor the road ahead.

Taxi fleet owners may also choose to add an additional Taxi CCTV camera within the passenger area to monitor any incidents. Depending on the value of goods and tools carried in car derived vans, an internal van CCTV camera can also prove a worthwhile investment.

Quality Car Dashcam Footage

Having video footage of an driving incident, passenger infraction or vehicle break in is ineffective if the road markings, signage, indicators (or lack of) and distinguishing marks such as number plates or helmet types cannot be seen.

Having the highest quality dash, rear and internal camera footage in HD is key to see your surroundings and pursue or avoid a claim. ProVision cameras provide HD quality video that you can rely on when you need it most.

A low quality view of the road provided by a standard dashcamA high quality view of the road provided by a ProVision vehicle camera detailing a roundabout, lights and verges

Vehicle Cameras with Storage:

Cars and vans typically have day-to-day needs, where they are only concerned with ensuring any incident or accident is captured. In this case a dual SD-Card solution with a minimum of 128GB of storage is recommended. The dual-card configuration not only increases storage capacity, but reduces memory-stress on each individual card so footage is reliably recorded on a shock proof and waterproof format.

Where passengers are carried and a longer historical record is required, the recommended storage configuration is a 1TB hard-disk based unit, giving 1 to 3 months of standard driving recording history depending on the number of car CCTV cameras and hours of driving per day.

Integration with your own Car Fleet Systems:

The ProVision solution can integrate into the various systems of the vehicle. This includes alarm, indicators, on-board diagnostics, door sensors and, where possible, other tracking or telematics systems already installed. This gives you more than just vehicle camera data, but provides a complete view of incidents and accidents when they occur.

Remote Connectivity to your Car Cameras:

Subscribing to a car GPS tracking plan or live video plan has benefits to the car or car derived van driver and fleet manager alike. Remote support and monitoring allows staff to view vehicle positions, receive alerts about incidents or issues and immediately login and view a live video feed for the vehicle in question.

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