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CameraMatics Solutions for Buses & Coaches

For Buses & Coaches

Coach Camera Configuration:

Buses and coaches have specific camera monitoring needs due to the passenger carrying nature of their use, including at risk groups such as school children and older travellers.

We typically find that a 6 or 7 camera configuration is effective to monitor the road, surroundings and passenger area. External to the vehicle this includes forward and rear coach mounted cameras, plus two side cameras.

While inside the vehicle, a driver cab camera and front and/or rear passenger-facing bus CCTV cameras are most often chosen for bus, minibus and coach safety and security.

Quality Bus and Coach CCTV Footage

Having video footage of a traffic collision or passenger incident is pointless if the detail of the surroundings and parties involved can't be seen from your vehicle dashcam recording. This is why ensuring you have the highest quality HD video possible is key. See road markings clearly, indicators (or lack of), registration plates (if they leave flee the scene) and passenger behaviour throughout a journey.

ProVision cameras provide HD quality video that you can rely on when you need it most, giving you visibility in common coach and bus blind spots.

A low quality view of the road provided by a standard dashcamA high quality view of the road provided by a ProVision vehicle camera detailing a roundabout, lights and verges

Video Footage Storage Configurations:

Buses and coaches can be used for day-based trips or longer journeys across countries. However, irrespective of this, the fact that passengers are carried means that video should be stored for as long as possible to ensure there is a historical record in the event of a claim of wrongdoing in the future.

This requires many days and even weeks of video to be stored. The more bus and coach CCTV cameras, the larger the storage required for this data. The recommended video storage configuration for effective bus and coach monitoring is therefore a 1TB or 2TB hard-disk based unit.

Integration with Bus and Coach Tracking Systems:

The ProVision solution can integrate into the various systems of the vehicle. This includes alarm, indicators, on-board diagnostics, door sensors and, where possible, other GPS tracking or telematics systems already installed. This gives you more than just Coach CCTV data, but provides a complete view of incidents and accidents when they occur. A popular option is an ‘Alert Button’, which allows the bus driver to create an alert should an incident occur, such as a passenger falling or becoming aggressive. This ensures the incident is flagged and an alert sent to the fleet manager.

Remote Coach Fleet Connectivity:

Your typical Coach Fleet manager or Bus Depot Supervisor will subscribe to either a tracking plan, a live video plan or both. This allows them to view vehicle positions, receive alerts about incidents or issues and to immediately login and view a live coach CCTV video feed for the vehicle in question, whether running a local route or on a transcontinental coach trip.

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