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Delivering fleet intelligence and risk management systems, CameraMatics includes fleet telematics, fleet CCTV, driver safety and compliance solutions. CameraMatics provides instant access to your fleet data and status anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Join the many ProVision CameraMatics customers reporting overall savings of hundreds of thousands, reduced claim payouts from 15% to >50%, and ROI as low as 3 months!

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Average ROI Time

Time To 100% Return On Investment

15% to 20%

Annual Savings

Annual Percentage Reduction In Claim Payouts, Legal Fees & Overheads


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Customer Retention/Satisfaction



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CameraMatics Benefits

Our Cloud Benefits

  • Real-Time Tracking Of Your Fleet
  • Rules-Based Alerts
  • Live Streaming Of Video
  • Remote Download of Video
  • Historical Fleet Data
  • Simple Status View Of Your Fleet

Our Hardware Benefits

  • Totally Flexible
  • Rules-Based Alerts
  • Future-Proof
  • HD Recording
  • Up to 90 Days Historical Video Storage*
  • Total Peace Of Mind