ProVision CameraMatics scoops two awards at Brake Fleet Safety Awards 2018
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ProVision CameraMatics scoops two awards at Brake Fleet Safety Awards 2018

  • ProVision picks up Fleet Safety Partnership Award and commended in the Fleet Safety Product In-Vehicle category
  • Awards attest to the power of CameraMatics and its huge benefits to road safety and fleet risk management

From Left to right: Spencer King (CameraMatics Sales Specialist, ProVision), Adam Drury (General Manager, Dynes Motor Group), Steve Warne (Technical Director, ProVision), Andy Nock (Managing Director, Dynes Motor Group), Chris Baines (Head Of UK Sales, ProVision)

ProVision is celebrating scooping two awards at the Brake Fleet Safety Awards held last week on the 11th of October, strengthening its position as the market leader in CameraMatics solutions for commercial fleets.

The Fleet Safety Awards is a prestigious event run by Brake, the road safety charity, and recognises the achievements of those working to help reduce the number of road incidents involving working drivers. Organisations from all over the world are judged by a panel of experts across the fleet industry.

In the Fleet Safety Partnership category, the multi award-winning ProVision was the winner together with the leading London-based vehicle recovery and tyre-fitting service provider, Dynes Motor Group. Following a tragic incident involving one of their operatives in 2016, Dynes was determined to ensure an incident like it could never happen again by using technology to drive their already high safety standards to unprecedented levels. The company therefore turned to ProVision’s CameraMatics solution and together they set about implementing a unique compliance and safety monitoring system that combined live and historic video monitoring with driving and vehicle data.

The new system revolutionised Dynes’ ability to carry out safety checks, with the operator noting immediate improvements. As well as catching 66% more non-compliance issues than in the previous 3-month period, the operator soon saw a 72% reduction in erratic, unsafe driving behaviour. With ProVision’s remotely accessible, multi-camera solution customised to Dynes’ requirements, the business is able to assess more operatives more frequently, while using footage to support training, prevent road accidents and ultimately improve safety.

From Left to right: Spencer King (CameraMatics Sales Specialist, ProVision), Steve Warne (Technical Director, ProVision), Chris Baines (Head Of UK Sales, ProVision)

ProVision’s pioneering CameraMatics solution was also recognised in the Fleet Safety Product In-Vehicle category, receiving a commendation for the simple yet powerful CameraMatics platform. Turning every vehicle in an operator’s fleet into a smart data node, the system improves fleet safety and risk management by collecting key data needed to track risk, driving and driver performance, and vehicle safety. CameraMatics combines advanced hardware with a powerful cloud-connected platform and innovative mobile apps. Additional vehicle checks, defect tracking, and accident and near-miss reporting create a truly comprehensive package for fleet operators, that not only reduces risk, but delivers average savings of £2,000 per vehicle per year and an ROI as low as 3 months.

Mervyn O’Callaghan, Managing Director at ProVision, said:

Our CameraMatics system and its safety benefits are already renowned by numerous commercial fleet operators, and these latest accolades at the Brake Fleet Safety Awards only reinforce that reputation.

Fleet Safety and compliance is at the core of everything we do because it is increasingly such an important aspect in the day-to-day running of fleet operations. Our CameraMatics platform is uniquely positioned to allow fleet operators to proactively review video footage alongside compliance reports and vehicle data. Thanks to our platform, our customers have shown an average 32% reduction in accidents and incidents on the road.




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ProVision, the experts in CameraMatics, is the leading provider of fleet intelligence and risk management systems based around fleet telematics, fleet CCTV, and driver safety & compliance solutions.

CameraMatics combines vehicle cameras and tracking plus advanced software and apps to deliver real benefits. Our clients report savings in claim payouts from 15% to >50%, overall savings as high as £200,000/year and ROI as low as 3 months!


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