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ProVision START Car CCTV Camera and Tracking Device

The Smart Alternative To Basic Dashcams

For cars and car-derived vans, there is simply no better solution than the ProVision Start.

Why ProVision Start?

ProVision START provides a professionally installed DVR, which is discrete, secure and tamper-proof. The camera can be fitted to a location of your choice, but typically just behind the rear-view mirror so that it doesn’t impede the driver’s view. The configuration can easily be upgraded (either at install or any time in the future) to up to 5 cameras, but typically car fleets would have either just front, or front and rear-facing cameras. However, in-car cameras and side-facing cameras can be installed if desired (ideal for taxi fleets, learner and passenger carrying vehicles).

The system is provided with a 64GB SD Card, which will record between 2 to 3 days of standard driving recording history. However, this can be upgraded to dual 64GB cards to give extra storage and redundancy. This upgrade will give up to 5 days of standard driving recording history.

But the advantages don’t stop there!

ProVision START includes professional tracking and remote connectivity technology that provide the following benefits:

Pin point your vehicles on Google maps

View Live footage straight from your vehicle cameras
Search and replay a vehicle’s journey
Record events onto your computer straight from the vehicle remotely
Mileage Reports, Speed Reports, IO Reports, Geo-fencing Reports
View your vehicles’ diagnostic information

You can’t do that with a dashcam!


Many drivers immediately think of Dashcams for capturing incidents while driving. The problem is that dashcams are really not ideal if you are a major road user.

Here are just a few issues:

  1. They give generally poor quality video (unless you buy a professional level dashcam at a greater cost)
  2. They give a single view that cannot be upgraded to multi-cam configuration
  3. They are unsightly in the car, with cables trailing over the dash
  4. They can be easily tampered with and stolen
  5. They have a single memory slot, which adds greater recording stresses on the SD card
  6. They provide no tracking capabilities
  7. Dashcams typically have no GPS location functionality
  8. Units with GPS technology embedded are typically of a poor quality, providing very inaccurate geo-location

Here are some of the key benefits of ProVision Vehicle Camera Solutions:

ProVision is a fully connected system

SO : Whether you need remote monitoring and video download today, or not, PRO Vision is completely future-proofed and ‘remote-manage-ready’  from the day it’s installed!

ProVision provides higher quality recording than competing brands (DVR records in HD)
SO : You get reliable, clear footage you can count on!

ProVision provides continuous recording
SO : Everything is recorded, giving you peace of mind and the ability to go back to any point during the recording window.

ProVision provides easy to use monitoring software (subscription required)
SO : You can monitor your fleet in real-time, viewing live and historic vehicle movements. You can also view live video footage in real-time.

ProVision allows you to download video remotely
SO :  You can pinpoint the exact alert and download the video from all cameras related to the incident.

ProVision allows you to receive rules-based alerts
SO : You decide what you want to be alerted about and the system will inform you every time an ‘incident’ occurs (G-Force, Speed, Alarm, etc.).

ProVision is flexible and scalable
SO : You can choose any configuration of camera types and add/change cameras later as required.

DVR Details

A lightweight DVR system, supplied with 64GB SD card storage and supporting dual 64GB SD cards for up to 128GB total storage.

Supplied with a single camera, the ProVision Start allows you to upgrade at any time to up to 5 cameras, allowing for blindspot recording, rear view and in-cab views to suit your needs. ProVision can create a bespoke system tailored to your needs.

As well as supporting high quality video, up to 1080p resolution, our DVR also records GPS location, G-sensor readings, speed and can integrate with up to 8 vehicle system inputs and 2 outputs – the status of which can be played back in realtime with multiple camera views, to review incidents with the most information possible.

The ProVision recording system can continue to record even when vehicle is parked, with options to continue recording for hours after vehicle ignition is turned off.

Approximate hours recording is shown below based on the standard single SD card and optional Dual SD Card.


Storage Size/Product Start
64GB SD 40 Hours
128GB dual SD 80 Hours

The ProVision Start system can also function as a driver assistance aid, with a monitor that can show blindspots when indicating, and rear view when in reverse. This ensures the driver can focus on the road, with all monitor views handled automatically by the DVR.

Connected Options:
Every unit supplied is ‘connected-ready’ to allow you to access live and historical tracking and video features. Differing levels of optional subscriptions allows you to meet your specific needs.

This can be activated at time of install or any time in the future, should your needs change. It can also be enabled on a per vehicle basis, allowing you to have different levels of access to the ProVision Command Centre for each vehicle.

The available subscriptions can be viewed in our Connected Plans product page.

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