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ProVision Go is the ultimate fleet risk management and compliance app!* Used in partnership with a ProVision CameraMatics Cloud Plan or stand-alone to manage safety checks, accident reports and fleet compliance data, this app delivers a key suite of features for powerful, yet simple, fleet management on-the-go. Whether you’re just out of the office or out of the country, you can manage your entire fleet using your phone or tablet, with just this app.

This app continues ProVision’s mission to empower and simplify the lives of both fleet managers and drivers by combining all key fleet risk management, safety and compliance needs into a single powerful platform.

Check out the video for the full run-down of the app or view the details in the corresponding tabs.

*Use of this app requires a monthly subscription plan. Contact us for more details.
ProVision Go* has been exclusively designed to combine all the key functions required for efficient fleet risk management and compliance into a single, affordable app.

Being mobile, the app allows fleet management and oversight anywhere and at any time, while cloud-based connectivity allows instant access to your fleet’s detailed information anytime, anywhere. ProVision Go provides the following capabilities.


Mobile Fleet Risk Management

  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Historic journey tracking and data
  • Vehicle status
  • CameraMatics hardware status
  • Driving data by vehicle

Ultimate Accident Reporting

  • Simple step-by-step accident reporting
  • Record all key details of an incident
  • Add accident scene images and videos
  • Add images of number plates, insurance details and driving licenses
  • All details stored in the Command Centre for instant access by fleet manager

Fleet Compliance Data

  • Log and review driver compliance data
  • Live & Log and review vehicle compliance data
  • Reminders for key expiry dates such as driver licences, CPC, maintenance checks, passport, MOT or equivalent roadworthiness tests.
ProVision Go provides two modes of operation. The first is the Driver Mode, which allows drivers to store their compliance data, such as CPC dates and driving license info, and log accident reports and safety checks, including vehicle safety checks. In Fleet Manager Mode the app provides access to all vehicle and driver compliance data, all safety and accident reports and all vehicle tracking and telematics data. This app is available on both iOS and Android* and is available both to customers with ProVision hardware and a corresponding CameraMatics subscription, as well as to fleet operators that do not own any ProVision hardware.

CameraMatics Customers

ProVision CameraMatics Plan Subscribers customers can download the app get full access to all the features of the app for a small additional per-vehicle monthly fee.

Non-CameraMatics Customers

You don’t need to be a CameraMatics customer to use this app. Fleet operators without any CameraMatics hardware or corresponding plan will obviously not have access to any fleet tracking or telematics data, but can gain access to the fleet compliance features by paying a monthly per-vehicle fee.

*Use of this app requires a monthly subscription plan. Contact us for more details.

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