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ProVision True 360° Blind Spot Cameras

Eliminate All Blind Spots In Large Rigid Commercial And Construction Vehicles

It provides a top-down view all around the vehicle, completely eliminating blind spots.

It is staggering the number of pedestrians and cyclists that are seriously injured or killed each year by large HGV and Construction vehicles. In fact, Transport For London reported that 78% of cyclist fatalities were caused by HGVs in 2015!

Various initiatives and technologies have been launched to tackle this, including sensors that will tell you if there is an object anywhere in your blind spot. But a loud beep simply doesn’t compare to actually being able to see all the way around your truck or construction vehicle while making potentially dangerous manoeuvres.

This is why ProVision TRUE360 was developed. Designed for vans and large rigid vehicles, it provides a top-down view all around the vehicle, completely eliminating blind spots. Imagine if you had a drone flying 20 feet above your vehicle and relaying a live video feed into the cab. Well, that’s what you get, but all achieved without a drone!

ProVision’s True360 system provides the following features:


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  • TRUE 360°
    The driver can see a complete view all around their vehicle – completely eliminating blind spots.
    Top-down view is fantastic, but you might want an even better view of the left-side of your vehicle when making a left-hand turn. That’s where the automated focused view will help.
    If an incident does occur, you’ll want to see what the driver could see. No problem. The 360 degree video feed can be recorded into the ProVision RTM (Recording and Tracking Module) along with any other camera feeds installed.
    The monitor view can be split to a dual view showing a full top-down view all around the vehicle along with a front, rear or side view as required.
    If you don’t have a built-in monitor in your vehicle, we can fit one. But if you do, we can pass the feed from the 360° cameras directly into the monitor. Making for a cleaner and more integrated install.
  • Bird’s Eye View

    ProVision TRUE360 provides a top-down view all around the vehicle, completely eliminating blind spots. Imagine if you had a drone flying 20 feet above your vehicle and relaying a live video feed into the cab.
  • Reversing

    Imagine a system providing a split-screen view and intelligently adjusting the main view to focus on the relevant side when they indicate or reverse?

Here are some of the key benefits of the ProVision TRUE360 System:

Shows The Driver A Full Top-Down View Around The Vehicle

Focused View When You Need It Most

SO : Whenever you are making a manouver (reversing or turning), the system automatically shows you a more focused view of the ‘danger area’ along with the top-down view. This double ensures that you can see anything or anyone in that danger area.

You Can Record The Video Feed
SO : Should an incident occur, you can download and review the 360O footage along with the other channels of video (Requires the addition of a ProVision Recording and Tracking Module).

ProVision TRUE360 is flexible and scalable
SO : You can choose to install it stand-alone as a driving aid or in conjunction with a full ProVision Vehicle Camera install for full recording and reporting.

ProVision’s TRUE360 solution comes in 2 key parts as follows:

4 Super-Wide Angle Cameras

These standard definition cameras are fitted to the top of the vehicle at the front, rear and sides. The very wide angle combined with their high position on the vehicle creates an overlapping field of view that is fed into the TRUE360 Processing Unit.

TRUE360 Processing Module:

This module brings in the four video feeds from each wide-angle camera and uses embedded software to stitch the 4 images together into a single continuous image. This creates what would be a blank area in the middle of the image where the vehicle should be. The system then overlays a computer-generated representation of your vehicle into the blank space.

To ensure that the image matches the precise dimensions of the vehicle, very precise calibration is conducted during the installation process. This ensures that the driver can rely on the image during reversing and turning manouvers to show the distance from objects in relation to the vehicle.


The 360o Bird’s Eye View system can be configured to operate:

  • Standalone
    In this mode the system operates a driving assistance system, providing better visibility for the driver by eliminating blind spots.
  • Integrated with the ProVision RTM (Recording and Tracking Module)
    This allows the 360 feed to be recorded alongside the standard vehicle camera feeds, allowing the fleet manager/owner to review and download the footage following an incident in order to confirm what the driver saw leading up to the incident.

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