If You Don’t See It, ProVision Will!

It just takes one unsafe driver to become a costly statistic. Human error is reported to be a factor in 94% of road collisions.
The use of safer vehicles and equipment plays a major role in reducing road deaths. With today’s technology and tools like ProVision vehicle camera systems, fleet and transport managers have never been in a better position to proactively identify and manage out risks.

Further, using risk management as part of a business strategy can increase performance by creating new competitive advantage, achieving financial savings that would otherwise be eaten up by risk related losses. ProVision advises its customers to focus more on mitigating risk rather than simply measuring it. Issues surrounding driver safety, company culture, duty of care and ownership of issues should be addressed to create and sustain a sense of risk responsibility at every level of the business.
In this article, you will gain insight into the key capabilities to consider when implementing vehicle camera systems. These include deploying innovative technology that gives you security and peace of mind and helps provide improved information to make informed decisions. ProVision vehicle camera systems will enable you to offset potential disasters and the associated injuries, fatalities and damage in terms of efficiency, reputation, business disruption and the related financials that impacts your bottom line.

There is no doubt that the impact on driver safety is a key reason for fleet and transport managers to consider implementing ProVision vehicle cameras to monitor and mitigate risks to your most important assets, employees and vehicles.

What Makes ProVision Differentiate From Others?

Higher quality recording
Reliable, clear footage
Easy to use review software
Continuous recording
ProVision DVR Series records in HD
Available to monitor and download remotely
Delayed switch-off
Integrates with other vehicle safety
Scalable – additional cameras can be added in the future
Bespoke solutions to suit all vehicle types, Truck, Van, Car, Coach and Crane
Technical support and back office expertise to guide and support you pre and post-sale

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