How Vehicle Camera Systems Can Save You Thousands On Fuel
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August 27, 2018
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September 12, 2018
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How Vehicle Camera Systems Can Save You Thousands On Fuel

In an article released a few weeks ago, we discussed the many side-benefits of vehicle cameras. One of the benefits mentioned was fuel saving and how fleet operators are using our vehicle cameras and cloud-connected platform to save tens of thousands on fuel every year.

We recently had an interview with Brian Beattie of McCulla Transport for an upcoming case study. During the conversation we asked him what kind of savings they had made since installing our CameraMatics. As well as saving thousands in legal fees and claims, to our amazement, McCulla also reported to have saved between £70K to £80K on fuel annually!

We couldn’t quite believe what we had heard but after Brian explained how they did it, it started to make a lot of sense.

McCulla is a large fleet with a lot of drivers to manage. In order to maximize driver efficiency, they train their drivers using a combination of their telematics systems and our vehicle camera systems. They do this mainly to reduce accidents and poor driving but they also use it to teach drivers how to drive more fuel efficiently.

How They Did It

We all know that the goal to saving fuel is for drivers to promote the smoothest driving habits, avoiding braking and acceleration as much as possible, to keep the truck at a consistent speed to save fuel. Using telematics, McCulla were able to spot incidents of heavy braking and acceleration from their drivers. They then watched videos of the incidents from our cameras to see if they could have been avoided. McCulla then used the footage in a driver training program to teach drivers how to avoid these types of incidents. They then saw a reduction in harsh braking and acceleration and subsequently a reduction in fuel usage.


Their driver scorecards have improved by 4.8% and fleet MPG has increased by 3% which then translates to £70K to £80K in annual savings!


The vast majority of HGV fleets use very advanced telematics systems to highlight harsh braking/acceleration incidents. But even if you don’t, all is not lost. ProVision’s CameraMatics system can detect these incidents as well, so you can get all the information you need to enjoy these savings.

Start Saving Money Now!

Whether you’re a small or large fleet, you can save money on fuel by installing our CameraMatics system. And this is just on fuel usage, savings on accident reduction and legal fees are leaps and bounds higher. In fact, McCulla estimate that they save a total of £180K to £200K a year!

So, what are you waiting for?

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