Don’t You Deserve A Fleet Camera System That You Can Rely On?
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June 19, 2018
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Don’t You Deserve A Fleet Camera System That You Can Rely On?

Don’t be left without key footage when you need it most – ProVision’s got your back!

At ProVision, we believe that you should be able to rely on technology. This is especially true of technology that can help reduce fleet risk and provide vital evidence when you need it most!

You would be surprised how often we hear from fleet managers who previously bought a different system and were left without key footage because a fault went unnoticed for days, weeks or even months. It’s easily done if you don’t have a remote-connected system and especially if you don’t have a proactive process or system for monitoring every unit.

With ProVision There Are Two Ways Our Vehicle Cameras Help You To Sleep Easy…

Cloud Command Centre Hardware Status

Firstly, we have the Hardware Status Window in our cloud-based Command Centre software. On logging in you will typically see a big green box, which indicates that all hardware is fully operational. If there’s an issue, the green box turns red and a number in the middle indicates how many issues there are. A click on the red box will highlight which vehicles have an issue and what the issue is, so you can get it resolved quickly.

Proactive Hardware Status Alerts

But now we’ve gone one step further as we have recently unveiled a unique addition to our CameraMatics platform; a new proactive email status alerts function that will flag any disruptions or malfunctions to a vehicle’s camera hardware and notify you, giving you peace of mind and full visibility of any issues.

The ProVision Proactive Email Alerts System send out a nightly email if a fault is found. Each night, the software will audit every ProVision enabled vehicle in every fleet, sending fleet managers a simple email update, so they can quickly get a full status of each vehicle’s camera system before it gets on the road. This way, any system failures or software issues can be caught in advance, giving operators complete peace of mind.

Warranty And Support When You Need It.

ProVision delivers resilient hardware, but even the most reliable equipment can develop issues and fail. That’s when ProVision’s incredible support team kicks in. From our 2-year no quibble warranty to our support and maintenance team, who will work tirelessly to resolve any issues you might encounter. Another reason you can breathe easy.

Have You Been Let Down By Your Vehicle Camera System Or Never Want To Be?

Then You Deserve A ProVision CameraMatics System.

Call us on 01 963 1380 or request a demo of our CameraMatics platform or meeting with one of our specialists.

It’s the technology that everyone is talking about, so REQUEST A QUOTE NOW and within 2 minutes you can provide us all the information we need to provide a detailed and accurate quotation.