Development Team Manager (Dublin)
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January 31, 2018
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Development Team Manager (Dublin)

Ballycoolin, Dublin

Job Purpose

ProVision CameraMatics is a leader in fleet intelligence and risk management systems based around fleet telematics, fleet CCTV, driver safety and compliance solutions.

Due to rapid growth and focus on in-house software development, we now require a Development Team Manager to manage a software development team and will play a fundamental role in liaising with our customers and partners.

We expect this role will be attractive to a candidate that wants to take on increasing levels of responsibility to grow with the business and ultimately has ambitions to be promoted to the management team as either CTO, VP Engineering or VP Product.

Duties and Responsibilities

Reporting directly to the Directors of the company, this is an end-to-end role that includes working with customers and partners to develop specifications for the software product roadmap and also customisations and integrations.

The role also includes line management of the software team and full responsibility for delivery. Provision is a high-growth venture capital backed company and we expect the software development part of the business to grow substantially.

Key Responsibilities

  • Liaise with prospective clients and stakeholders to understand and interpret their business requirements, goals and identify appropriate solutions.
  • Work with customers, users, team members and others to develop concepts, prototypes, refine interfaces and manage front-end development projects.
  • Specific the product roadmap, requirements and projects.
  • Ensure delivery of projects to agreed schedule and specification.
  • Ensure all stakeholders up to date with progress of projects.
  • Follow and promote a SCRUM and test-driven development (TDD) approach.
  • Act as a mentor to less experienced developers/designers - providing guidance and direction, developing their skills and competencies.
  • Co-ordinate resolution of technical issues across customers and partners.
  • Travel on behalf of company and present at conferences.
  • Write proposals for new product extensions.
  • Team building, resource planning and recruitment.
  • Perform Line Management


  • Degree in Computing, Engineering or related Discipline
  • Minimum of 7-10 Years of Experience in the relevant disciplines
  • Managing Client Requirements
  • Excellent written and oral communication, interpersonal and organisational skills

About You

You are a motivated and experienced team leader with a love of developing innovating software applications across multiple platforms. You don’t like to fail and you take deadlines seriously.

You are comfortable communicating with management and your team equally and can drive your goals with each just as effectively.

Your word is your bond, so if you say you’ll get something done, you do.


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