Connected Plans And Remote Access Just For Accidents? Think Again!
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January 16, 2018
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Connected Plans And Remote Access Just For Accidents? Think Again!

Many people think that the only point to subscribing to a remote cloud-connected plan is to either monitor journeys/drivers live or download footage after an incident. Both are good reasons, but what if a connected plan, giving live and historical access to your vehicles, could provide a more tangible benefit to your business than just this?

Here’s one example from one of our clients, Dynes Auto Services:


Reporting For Governance And Compliance

Dynes is a leading UK auto services company. One of their key services is roadside recovery. Roadside recovery is fraught with potential danger and so their recovery agents need to receive specialised training and then be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are following these guidelines stringently. This delivers maximum protection to the roadside agents, to the members of the public they are recovering, and other road users.

Previously, they would have to accompany each agent and monitor them in person. This added extra logistics on top of day-to-day operations. Also as is typical when someone is being overtly audited, they are very good at following processes and procedures. But the main issue was a question of time, with each auditor only able to deal with 2 or 3 agents per day.

This also meant that audits were done relatively infrequently, which is not ideal from an ongoing safety perspective.


A New Way To Audit

Dynes had previously decided that they wanted a cloud-connected multi-camera system to help them to better defend against claims and to better manage their fleet. This was achieved using ProVision’s vehicle camera hardware linked to our advanced remote-connected cloud platform. As these are recovery vehicles, the cameras were positioned at strategic points in and around the vehicle.

While using this system for the usual risk management purposes, the team realised that it could play a key part in helping to make the roadside safety audit process more efficient.

They now simply login to a vehicle being driven by the agent based on a list of call-outs they have attended. They can find the specific footage of each recovery and can remotely audit every aspect from their arrival at the scene, what they do before leaving the cab and how they handle the recovery throughout.

Using the cloud-connected system, the auditors can now audit 10 or more agents per day, delivering massive efficiency to their auditing process. This also means that they can more regularly audit their agents, improving safety all around.

But more importantly, if they spot an issue, they can meet with the agent in question and play back the footage. They have found this to be much more effective at correcting the behaviour than a person simply being told they did something wrong or missed out a crucial step.


Long-Term Peace-Of-Mind

As a company that deals with the public at times of high-stress (often after an incident has occurred causing the recovery to be called in the first place), it is important to Dynes that they can review and recall footage from weeks before.

Thanks to the ProVision system, they can recover footage up to 90 days prior, which is very useful as complaints can offer come in many days or even weeks after the recovery occurred. This has saved a great deal of time and effort investigating and dealing with complaints about alleged bad behaviour by drivers and damage done to vehicles, and also significant legal and compensation costs.

They are able to show that the driver acted professionally, both before and during an incident and can prove that any alleged damage was either on the vehicle before it was loaded, or not there after it was dropped off.

So, if you think connected plans are only useful for accident reporting, think again! In fact, we’re certain that with just a little thought, you can think of at least one aspect of your business that can be made more efficient thanks to ProVision’s CameraMatics solution.

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