CASE STUDY – A&T Transport
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CASE STUDY – A&T Transport

Reducing Insurance Costs & Increased Peace Of Mind Thanks To ProVision Vehicle Cameras

We spoke recently to Trevor Roy and Andrew Bruton, co-owners and partners in A&T Transport about their decision to add vehicle cameras to their fleet and specifically why they chose ProVision. The below is a short outline, but you can get the full story from the video above.


About A&T Transport

A&T Transport was formed in 2011 by Andrew Bruton and Trevor Roy. They saw an opportunity to serve the airfreight and general groupage sectors. Their beginnings may have been humble with only a couple of vans, but A&T Transport has grown to become a leading freight transport company serving Ireland, the UK and continental markets.

Today they have a varied fleet including vans, rigids and 40-ton artics. This includes a mix of standard and refrigerated vehicles, allowing them to serve a wide mix of sectors and needs.

Our customers demand us being on time every time and we try as much as we can to be there on time every time.

A&T’s success is attributed to their focus on timeliness. Their customers demand that the goods be on time every time and they work hard to meet those demands.


The Need For Vehicle Cameras

A key issue for A&T Transport would be rising insurance costs and the ability to find drivers that would pass their high standards. They work hard to source only the best drivers, but they found they had very little control over insurance costs with their premiums rising for no apparent reason.

We decided to get vehicle cameras on all the vehicles because we had an incident last year where we felt there was fraudulent claim made against one of our drivers and would have been great to have ProVision cameras installed at that time.

The clincher that led to them moving forward with vehicle cameras was an incident in 2016 where they suspected a fraudulent claim made against one of their drivers. But without cameras they had no way to defend the claim.


Why ProVision?

A&T certainly didn’t just jump at the first offering. They did extensive research and reviewed a number of suppliers. In fact A&T first contacted ProVision 18 months before they made the final decision.

The main reasons we chose ProVision was, the quality of hardware that was provided. The ease of access to remotely monitor our vehicles on day-to-day basis and the cost effectiveness of the whole thing.

Ultimately, they chose ProVision because we were the most proactive, in terms of feedback and the customer service. The quality of the hardware also set our solution apart along with the ease of access to remotely monitor their vehicles on day-to-day basis. But the main reason was the cost effectiveness of the whole solution. A total package delivered at an unbeatable price.


The ProVision Experience

Right from the outset they found the experience of ProVision very good. A high level of expertise and efficiency. From showing the products and capabilities, to the engineers who went on site to install the products.

For us the most important thing is not to have our trucks off the road for long periods of time, so ProVision could work around us.


The Benefits To A&T Transport

We feel it’s given us peace of mind, the fact that we can go and download any footage at any time of the day to look back at any incidents, and in the long run it will bring down our insurance costs going forward.

The ProVision vehicle camera system has given A&T Transport complete peace of mind. They receive driving alerts for things like speeding or harsh braking events and can immediately logon and review the footage. Also, given their ability to review multi-angle footage of any future incidents, they are confident of reducing their insurance costs in the future.


A&T Transport Recommends ProVision Vehicle Cameras

I would recommend ProVision without hesitation. Right from the outset the customer service and expertise was second to none.


If you would like to enjoy peace of mind and reduce your insurance overheads, contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our CameraMatics experts. Alternatively Request A Quote now