Banish The Risk Of Blind Spots FOR GOOD

There are many factors, often interlinked, which contribute to truck accidents. Research tells us 82.5% is attributed to human error. One of the key causes is as a result of a blind spot when the driver turns left or right. Blind spots are areas around a commercial vehicle where the driver lacks a direct or indirect view through the windshield, side windows or mirrors.

Blind spots vary from lorry to lorry and cab to cab and particularly cab and trailers, these vehicles cause significant blind spot problems and more road casualties, particularly for cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. Many of the issues arise turning at junctions where a cyclist is positioned at the front diagonal of the lorry, the cyclist is unsighted to the driver and the right or left turning lorry collides with the unseen cyclist. In such a scenario, when a blind spot is the main cause of the accident, two-thirds are fatal.
Because of the alarming road accident statistics, the need for safety measures is a key topical issue. For example, it was mentioned in Parliament’s response to the Commission’s “Towards a European Road Safety Area” on European Road Safety 2011-2020, calling for technological advancement to be taken into account by fitting all lorries with special rear-view mirrors, camera/monitor devices or other technical instruments that eliminate blind spots, so as to prevent, in particular, accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians who find themselves in the driver’s blind spot.

Simon Murray, Sales & Marketing Director at ProVision says

“We must give control back to drivers and provide them with the tools they need to safely perform their jobs. Driver training is not enough, the reality is that a driver can be doing everything by the book and still collide or reverse into a person or cyclist that moved into their blind spot when they were checking the opposite side mirror. It is literally impossible for a driver to see everything surrounding their vehicle at any one time”.

ProVision Vehicle Cameras

Today, thanks to technology, haulage companies can provide their commercial vehicles and drivers with the tools to navigate their blind spots and help reduce accidents and liability. Vehicle cameras, for example, ProVision camera systems come in a range of options from 1 camera systems up to 8 camera systems with the ability to add more cameras as required, with cloud-connected technology built-in as standard, which gives the advantage of live remote viewing and remote download of recorded video.

ProVision cameras deliver an important view of what is happening on the road from the front, rear and sides. Since a lot of incidents involving trucks and HGVs happen at the side of vehicles, this solution helps keep a watchful eye at all times with continuous recording.
For extra security and protection, you may want to consider adding an In-Cab display monitor. This is a popular addition to ProVision cameras, viewed by many as an important safety tool. Particularly useful in cities and built-up areas, it is effective covering blinds spot areas when turning and reversing and plays an important role in avoiding incidents.

It also allows for a left turn trigger to initiate the camera to display these areas and appear on the monitor. When the vehicle is turning left/right, it will show the blind spot – the reverse camera can be triggered to operate when the vehicle engages into reverse gear.

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