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ProVision is an approved FORS Associate and that means that we have a range of products that help fleet operators not only comply with FORS compliance requirements, but also to enhance the basic needs to provide additional safety and compliance benefits.

Going Beyond The FORS Standard

As a standard, FORS’ key goal is that of improving safety for drivers and the public. ProVision agrees wholeheartedly with this, but our view extends a little further to encompass the fact that even with the very best safety equipment and maximum driver training, incidents WILL happen. As such, a rear and side camera linked to a monitor is not enough to allow fleet operators to review the circumstances of each incident and to defend the no-fault incidents fully.

Illustrated below is the minimum spec outlined by FORS to achieve the Silver standard (outlined in blue) with recommended extras for maximum protection (outlined in orange).

Example Equipment Spec FORS Silver

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What is FORS and why is it for you?

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme that promotes best practice for commercial vehicle operators. With over 4,700 members, FORS is gaining recognition as the transport industry’s go-to accreditation scheme. FORS encompasses all aspects of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection by encouraging and training fleet operators to measure, monitor and improve performance. FORS provides accreditation pathways for operators of any type, and for those organisations that award contracts and specify transport requirements.

FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold membership provides progressive accreditation enabling operators to achieve exemplary levels of best practice. FORS members stand out from the crowd, work to standards above the legal minimum and have access to a wide range of exclusive benefits that provide a real competitive advantage.

As of 14th January 2019, FORS Silver Standard requires safety technologies such as cameras, DVRs, warning sensors to become necessary for fleets, as this level aims to protect VRU’s (Vulnerable Road Users). Here’s a summary of the changes to the Silver level:


All Vehicles

  • Companies must show evidence of managing road risk.
  • Vehicle Safety Equipment must be fitted.
  • Left Turn alert (preferably fitted with a manual switch to mute during night time use and supplemented with visual warning).
  • Reversing audible alert (white noise or spoken message).
  • Side-scan system on near side.
  • Near side camera to be fitted to cover the blind spot.
  • Monitor to show blindspot areas (with at least 2 inputs for switching view) of at least 7” but preferably 9”.
  • Noise pollution monitoring for driver and worker hearing protection
  • Cameras should be at least 120 degrees (preferably 130) and at least IP67 (preferably IP69K) and infrared to at least 8M

For 7.5 Tonnes and above

  • Rear camera must be fitted.
  • Front and off-side cameras be fitted – recommended but not mandatory.
  • Recording equipment (DVRs) be fitted for training and development – recommended but not mandatory.


All details of FORS requirements and changes can be read here