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About ProVision Fleet Solutions

We understand fleets.

Large and small, independent businesses or major international brands. We’ve been involved in fleets for decades, and our directors, Simon Murray and Mervyn O'Callaghan, have been at the heart of fleet solutions and services for all that time.

The Evolution Of Vehicle Data

We looked at the past and the systems that developed from them to the present day. We saw a gap that exists and began investigating how to address that need.

We then looked into the future and saw a growing need for an additional layer of data, on top of telematics and tracking (location) data, that would provide fleet managers, manufacturers and insurance companies with a total picture of the vehicle, the circumstances surrounding an incident and also a meaningful way to help prevent incidents before they occur and properly gather the relevant data after it occurs.

The image below shows our interpretation of the industry technology 'roadmap' from the early days of fleet tracking to adoption of consumer telematics.

The outcome of these investigations was the development of the Fleet CameraMatics solutions and the subsequent establishing of ProVision as a company to deliver it.

The Internet of Things

We are on the brink of everything we interface with, being connected. From our kettles to the many devices on our airplanes, we will have unprecedented control and levels of data about every object. Vehicle fleets are no exception and a new era is dawning in how we manage our fleet.

This is thanks to technologies such as ipv6 and 4G that already allow amazing control and oversight on fleet vehicles. However, new technologies, like 5G, will truly revolutionise every aspect of vehicle management, from how vehicles are tracked, to data gathering and even driven, remotely!

We see a world of new opportunities and wanted to ensure that our technology roadmap incorporated every possible benefit that the IoT can bring to the vehicle, transport and logistics sectors. We also want to be sure that CameraMatics is embedded closely into the IoT offering.

The Birth Of ProVision

Despite the explosion of new technologies, fleet solution providers have lagged behind, relying on dated technologies and offerings. Simon and Mervyn therefore saw a gap in the market that was being driven by the inability of currently available solutions to meet the increasing burden of insurance on fleet-based companies. The challenges of reducing claims and fighting fraudulent 'manufactured' accidents cannot be met by current telematics systems. Additionally, existing dashcam and multi-cam DVR systems are not fit-for-purpose and lack the remote connectivity that modern companies need.

So they decided to move into manufacturing and designing a new breed of system. One that met every need that fleet managers sought and allowed them to face the challenges of insurance risk management head-on.

So a new company was formed in early 2016, and ProVision Vehicle Cameras was born.

In less than a year, the ProVision brand became the leading provider of CameraMatics (comprising vehicle cameras and tracking solutions) to fleets in Ireland and launched its range into the UK market, where it is quickly becoming the solution of choice for fleets and insurers alike. See what our customers have to say about our solutions.

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