AA Ireland And ProVision Vehicle Cameras Announce Partnership
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AA Ireland And ProVision Vehicle Cameras Announce Partnership

The Two Companies Will Investigate Ways To Reduce Fleet Risk & Insurance Costs And Improve Fleet Performance.

August 2017

ProVision Vehicle Cameras, a market leading Vehicle Camera Solutions provider and the creator of CameraMatics, has entered into a partnership with Irelands’ motoring organisation. AA Ireland is the country’s provider of roadside assistance, travel and traffic information, and of Motor, Home & Travel Insurance.

The two organisations have today announced a partnership that will see them collaborate on commercial, technological and research projects.

ProVision’s CameraMatics technologies combine sophisticated data and video technologies to ensure that fleet operators and insurers no longer have to interpret telematics data to improve driver safety and fleet efficiencies or when trying to recreate incidents and accidents. Thanks to ProVision, they now have full video footage combined with advanced data which supplement the usual telematics data, to recreate exactly what happened. This is achieved using cameras and scanners, smart processing, communication technologies and advanced algorithms to deliver intelligent driver and fleet safety systems.

AA Ireland is one of the country’s best known and most respected brands. Its Rescue Service is the most advanced and comprehensive, and is the only service that provides its own patrol force nationwide with an unmatched 80% repair rate. AA Roadwatch is the definitive provider of broadcast, online and in-car traffic information, and AA Insurance is the largest insurance intermediary for vehicles.

The partnership will see the two organisations working together on a number of projects. AA Roadwatch will provide ProVision video footage of traffic news to its TV and online customers, and ProVision will offer the AA’s leading commercial roadside assistance services. The AA will support ProVision’s range of vehicle camera products including ProVision START, suitable for cars and car-derived vans, ProVision EDGE for vans and LCVs and ProVision DRIVE for HGV fleets and other long-range vehicles.

The AA is also trialling the use of ProVision cameras in its AA Rescue patrol vans, with a view to using the technology to monitor and improve driver safety, while also minimising  driver risk. The move would continue a series of investments in new technologies that the breakdown service provider has undertaken in recent months, designed to ensure that AA Rescue technicians are equipped to deal with the reality of 21st century breakdowns.

A joint study is also planned for 2018 into the impact of CameraMatics technologies on driving behaviour to understand how insurers can more accurately determine driver risk profiles and better ways to help drivers avoid accidents.

Mervyn O’Callaghan, Managing Director of ProVision said:

“We are delighted to be working with the AA Ireland. We are united by common goals, and our products are very much aligned. Working together we can help fleet operators tackle the big issues they face today, namely, rising insurance costs, roadside assistance and risk reduction.”

“Too often, fleet owners are putting their hopes and trust into products that are not fit for purpose, and our systems go far beyond basic camera systems and dashcams. By providing the highest quality video, that can be accessed and downloaded remotely, as well as tracking data, we ensure a fleet manager has all the information to-hand to improve safety and manage fleet risk.”

John Farrell, Commercial Director for AA said:

“The AA is putting a lot of focus into new technologies and how they impact on driving safety and efficieny. It is an exciting time to be involved; we are in the middle of a tech revolution and both AA and ProVision are at the forefront of change. We are excited about the immediate opportunities, but also the framework for greater collaboration with ProVision on projects that will give greater insights into driver behaviour.”


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About ProVision
The leader in CameraMatics solutions for commercial fleets, ProVision delivers products that allow fleet managers to reduce fleet risk, increase driver safety and comply with growing governance and compliance regulations. The world of Fleet Management has changed to one where managing risk and meeting compliance needs presents a greater burden to fleets than logistics and efficiencies. Provision Cameramatics adds an additional, and currently missing, layer of data to fleet and driver management – that missing data is video, but ProVision goes beyond the traditional, simple camera systems available today. ProVision has merged four key technologies: video input systems (cameras and scanners), smart processing systems, communications systems and unique algorithmic IP to deliver intelligent driver and fleet safety systems.

Find out more at www.ProVisionCameraMatics.com or check out the blog https://www.provisioncameramatics.com/blog/


About AA Ireland
AA Ireland is Ireland’s motoring organisation and a provider of roadside assistance nationwide. AA Ireland’s Rescue Patrols are fully qualified, time-served mechanics and the organisation fixes 8 out of 10 breakdowns it attends on the spot. The Rescue service’s repair rate is unmatches among breakdown assistance services in Ireland.  AA Ireland is also one of Ireland’s largest insurance intermediaries, offering car, home, travel and life insurance, as well as mortgage protection. The orgnisations traffic information provider, AA Roadwatch, is the country’s foremost provider of broadcast, online and in-car traffic information providing instant updates on congestion, traffic incidents, detours and route changes.