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Commercial Vehicle Cameras PLUS Tracking Solutions

ProVision CameraMatics – Your Ultimate Choice

ProVision is the leading provider of fleet intelligence and risk management systems. CameraMatics combines fleet telematics, fleet CCTV, driver safety & compliance solutions and apps. 

We Created CameraMatics

CameraMatics Turns Your Fleet Into A Smart Fleet.  

CameraMatics combines vehicle cameras with tracking and vehicle data, plus advanced software and apps to deliver real benefits and savings. In fact, our clients report savings in claim payouts from 15% to >50%, per vehicle savings as high as €/$/£2,000 per year and payback as low as 3 months!

CameraMatics provides instant access to your fleet data and status anytime, anywhere, on any device.

That’s CameraMatics and only ProVision can deliver it!

More About CameraMatics

Why ProVision


Average ROI Time

Time To 100% Return On Investment

15% to 20%

Annual Savings

Annual Percentage Reduction In Claim Payouts, Legal Fees & Overheads


Customer Retention/Satisfaction

Customer Retention/Satisfaction



No. of Certified Installers  - UK/Ireland

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